Monday, August 22, 2011

Kit Flashback: Paper Ana

oops i almost forgot to post today! today is Gage's fist day of kindergarten well really it's kindercamp this week to get him used to how things work in kindergarten, so we're all up early getting ready to head to school, but of course i had to pop on my computer when i remembered i had to post! lol so this week i'm flashing you back way back to last year i released this cute little mini "Paper Ana" i think this is still one of my favorite kits because it's just so cute and beautiful, i love all the pretty patterns i used in this kit, and the paper doll can be classic or modern depending on which dress you put her in.

Paper Ana the Mini kit

Paper Ana the Mini Kit

CT Layouts: 2 by Ella and one by Kimmy, beautiful right!
Missi and Jen
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i hope you pop in on Wednesday, i'll be posting a super yummy recipe! i promise!

Thanks for reading... i've gotta go get ready now!!!! lol

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