Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yummy Treats! Halloween treat editon!

Halloween is just around the corner, are you ready? my kids have their costumes, but I've gotta get ready for the fun at Gage's School! so this week I want to help you with some super cute Yummy Treat ideas that will make you look like the coolest mom ever when you send these treats with your kidos.

First Lil' Frankensteins, these are super cute, and super easy! I found these at Craft-o-maniac's Blog
Marshmallow's dipped in colored chocolate and chocolate, for the face she used gel but when I make them I'm sure I can use piped chocolate so that it hardens.
Photo from Craft-o-maniac

Next another super easy marshmallow pop, these ones look like candy corn, so cute! I found these pops at Casa Sonrisa's BlogAgain, marshmallows dipped in colored chocolate. this one is a little easier than the frankies, I can think of a millon other ways to make these fun marshmallow pops, so much fun, even the kids can help dip them!
Photo from Casa Sonrisa

Cookies! I can't leave these out, my kids LOVE cookies, and these fun cookies look like candy corn too!
This "recipe" comes from Contry Living. Check out how easy this recipe is! they used  refrigerated sugar cookie dough, easy right?! your more than welcome to try this idea with your own favorite recipe though. and then simply dip the ends in chocolate! Yum!
Photo from Contry Living

Here's one last one, for those of you who really just want to get crafty!  you'll need a little bit of glue, some eyes, crepe paper, and chocolate bars! Mummy Bars! this cute little idea is from The Idea Room
Pinned Image
Photo from The Idea Room
I Hope you enjoy these Ideas, and they help you out! and I just want to thank the above sites for their wonderful yummy treats!

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