Tuesday, April 1, 2014

$1 Bake Sale and New Buffet

Good Morning Scrappers! Today is April 1st!! And you know what that means, and this is no joke, $1 Bake Sale and New Buffet! Speaking of jokes, because today is April Fools, So I woke my boy up this morning and told him to hurry up get out of bed and look at how much snow there was, and that there was no school today (he's usually hard to get out of bed) and he jumped out of bed to look out his window, and then I hit him with the good ol' April Fools!!
That's about as good as I get for april fools jokes, do you have an good stories or plans for today? Feel Free to share them on my Facebook!

But lets start with the news! first the $1 Bake Sale!

Each of these kits are $1 from April 1st-5th!

My Kit for the 2014 April Buffet, Is It Spring's soft colors are perfect for all those springy photos, with or with out Bunnies! 17 Papers 30 Elements and 8 Word Tags.
 Is It Spring is 50% off from the 1st-5th!

and I've got a super cute matching set of 3x4 pocket scrapbooking cards!

and a set of Basic Frames, 15 Basic stitched up frames that coordinate with Is It Spring the kit and Cards. 3x4, 4x6 and 3x3.

and some beautiful CT inspirations!

Beautiful? Right!? I love seeing CT layouts they are always amazing! so now lets see who won!!

That's about all I have for you this week, Remember to Swing by my Facebook Fan Page to pick up the NEW monthly fan freebie! 
Have a Wonderful Week, and Happy Scrapping!

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