Thursday, February 3, 2011

a little new release

just a quick blog today, I’m still feeling under the weather, my dear hubby gave me a cold.... anyways this week i have a really cool set of number/date buttons. i created these simply because I am a lazy scrapper and i wanted double digit numbers all set for me when I sit down to scrap my p365, so i made this pack I call it Thirty One, because it has 3 sets of 31 numbers and 3 sets of days of the week tabs. I hope you enjoy this little new release, it is 25% off for the weekend!
not only is it good for p365 projects, but for any layout that you'd want a number button on, such as this layout by Mel she used the buttons to show the months she was pregnant, so cute right!
Used with the kit called Anticipation from Scrap Girls
oh and just a quick reminder, make sure you check out February issue of the GingerScraps Street digital magazine! I am featured in the showcase, the CT ladies did a wonderful job with their layouts, plus there is a coupon code in the back in the ads for $1 to my store!

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