Monday, September 26, 2011

Kit Discovery 9-26

It must be the end of summer that is keeping me so busy, after being sick, we got busy again with another beautiful weekend, actually it was mostly yesterday that was exciting. DH and I had the day to our selves mostly, his little sister watched the kids for us, it was super nice! anyways with no time to discover kits again I searched around this morning at a few of my favorite stores. I found quite a few adorable kits, and an alpha set! so here's Kit Discovery 9-26
Here is a super cute alpha set by Modern June, Spooky Little Alpha set
Spooky Little Alpha Set

Summer Breeze by Digilicious Designs, I love the simpleness of this kit

The last one for today, Rescue Me by Trixie Scraps, too cute I'm a sucker for puppies!

I hope you like these kits too! Happy Scrapping!


  1. Thanks for mentioning my kit, Rachel :)

  2. your welcome! it's an adorable kit!