Monday, November 7, 2011

Kit Discovery 11/7

DSD is just about over there are a few stores that are still on sale, my store will be on sale for a few more hours but not until the end of the day, so you've still got a little bit of time there lol. Anyways I hope you all got some good deals and some awesome scrapbooking kits! here are a few kits I found this weekend!

First is Let Down Your Hair by Britt-ish Desings, I needed a cute "Tangled" themed kit, since my Ana LOVES Rapunzel! so I found this adorable kit and snatched it up right away!
Let Down Your Hair

Next is Travel The World India by Julia Makotinsky, I love India, I think they have a beautiful culture, and beautiful people, I even had an Indian Barbie when I was little. I hope to travel there someday, anyways I love the doodles and colors in this kit!
 Travel the World :: India

and the last find for today is Aviator The Collab by JennCK and Stolen Moments. I Love the deep colors and shinny metal in this kit!
Aviator Collab Kit
I hope you enjoy these kits too!
if you hurry you might beable to snag these kits while they are still on sale!

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