Monday, August 29, 2011

Kit Discovery 2

shabby miss jen- wedding day
I Found this kit rolling through my FaceBook page and instantly had to check it out, I love all the flowers and the colors in this kit, and I think my soft spot is the little wedding couple, it almost looks like the little one from my tiny cake. so I suggest you check it out too!

Faith in Every Footstep collab by Harmony Star, Marie H Designs, and Psychozoe Designs.
 This is a fabulous kit! Being a designer at Ginger Scraps I watched this kit come together, it's just stunning! I really can't say much more than that, they did a wonderful job! so I also suggest you check it out too!
Faith in every footstep collab

and I'd also love it if you haven't already, Check out my newest kit Charity Car Wash. I think it's super cute :) thanks for reading, I hope you love these kits too!

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  1. omgosh Rachel, thanx for posting about Faith In Every Footstep! and I love that wedding kit, too, I just might have to go see that one... it is adorable!